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Friday, Apr 06, 2018

Berwick plans for Parksville Location

Although Berwick Qualicum Beach is not yet completed, the company already has plans for another facility not too far away. Heather Kauer, City of Parksville manager of planning and development, said Berwick Retirement Concepts applied for a development permit at the end of December, 2017. The land located at 180 Jensen Ave., Kauer said, is already zoned for the project and the company has place ...

Monday, Nov 20, 2017

Stormy Weather ahead

Enjoy any blue sky you find because soon the blue will be replaced with a clody grey as we are expecing up to 200mm of rain to fall along the South Coast an Vanouver Island between now and the end of the week.As early as Tuesday, meteorologists are calling for Heavy rains across the coastal mountains Squamish and West Vancouver regions. Any already existing snow is projected to be washed away by ...

Tuesday, Aug 01, 2017

Qualicum Beach makes Canada's top 6 Beaches released an article in which it named Qualicum Beach as one of Canada's most premeir Beaches. Alongside other such beauties such as GrandBeach in Manatoba, Sauble Beach in Ontraio and Devonshire Beach in Alberta. 

Monday, Feb 27, 2017

B.C Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership Project

For first time homebuyers, the most important factor is affordability. This new program contributes greatly to the amount first time homebuyers have already set aside for their down payment. Providing up to $37,000, or up to 5% of the homes purchase price, with a 25 year loan which is payment and interest free for the forst 5 years of the plan. Through B.C HOME partnership program, the province is ...

Tuesday, Oct 04, 2016

Fantastic Football Food   For everyone Sunday means something different, for alot of us it means Football. So when you're sitting back on your couch put your feet up grab a brew but theres only one thing remaining... what to eat? Well within the link above you can find 30 perfect Super Bowl worthy mea ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

The Price of Real Estate

As real estate prices continue to rise many Canadians are beginning to look for alternate ways to finance their dreams of cottage and cabin ownership. In a recent survey of RE/MAX agents and brokers, more than half reported to seeing increase's in buyers who planned to rent out their property full or part time. In a separate survey of Canadians, conducted by Leger, nearly 60% agreed that due to th ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Real Estate to Retirement

When referring to Retirement, one of the key topics is always multiple income streams. Social Security Payments, retirement fund distributions, annuity payments or, if you are really lucky, a pension. But for those looking for a little more income into their stream, Real-Estate investing is another option. But investing into Real-Estate is as simple as writing up a  cheque to a Mutual Fund ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

4 Factors of Real Estate

Is Canada facing a gloomy economic forecast? With the Loonie being the lowest its been in years and a barrel of gas is selling for less than $30. However there is one section of our economy that appears to be standing strong, as the real estate market shows little signs of slowing down on a national level. Despite the economic forecast we shouldn’t expect any price breaks in Canada’s ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Selling your home during the holidays

You would figure that the winter season of the year would be the most difficult to sell your home. Well you wouldnt be wrong, it may be difficult, however it is possible. 1.Get festive, but keep it simple Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying it’s a bad thing to show your festive side, but remember that the main attraction is the home itself, and not how it appears during the holida ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Why use a Realtor?

When working with a Realtor you are trusting them with one of your most important items, your property and home.  So why do we trust Realtors? Because, your Realtor is highly trained and because they will find the best deal for you, and will be willing to work day and night to help you either find your dream home, or get the price you feel you deserve for your property. Ethical Standards: Ev ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Agent under Fire!

A real estate agent – along with a mortgage broker, a lawyer, a home inspector, an appraiser, and a financial planner – have launched, following a Twitter campaign of the same name. And the woman who launched that hashtag isn’t happy. “She’s a little upset about that but hopefully she’ll see the benefit and maybe work with us,” Shane ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Condo Market Predictions

In a comprehensive study of condo markets across Canada, Genworth and the Conference Board of Canada are predicting a soft landing in most cities, with some expected to see more significant price drops. “From a national perspective, these findings support an overall balanced outlook on Canada’s condo market for 2015, with the exception of certain oil-exposed regions,” said Stuar ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

Investing in Real Estate

You pay less Taxes You can deduct certain expenses from your income – reducing the taxes you owe. The list includes:   mortgage interest property taxes insurance maintenance/upgrades property management utility bills (if you include them in the rent).   You may be able to deduct losses for tax purposes If your expenses exceed your rental income, you may be able to ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

20 years of Real Estate Tech #4 of 5 series

Social media – At a corporate level it can be used to promote a brand, interact with agents, help with recruiting efforts as well as market trends to online friends, family and followers. Since Social media is inherently relational agents will use it to stay connected with influence and leverage on online relationships for marketing and lead generating. Though mostly used to garner and maint ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

20 years of Real Estate Tech #3 of 5 series

Branding– your personal brand as a professional real estate agent plays a vital role in your relative success. One of the highly discussed subjects of real estate, within the industry is a good memorable brand that will help retain clients and keep customer retention high. This has always been a staple within the real estate industry as a whole, starting long before internet or mobile functi ...

Monday, Sep 12, 2016

20 years of Real Estate Tech #2 of 5 series

Real Estate – There is no doubt that the rapid growth of technology and the web has allowed for Realtors to take their business to the next level. With the new coming advances it would allow realtors to connect with clients like never before. You can now find entire listings online, email or text and get in touch with realtors easier than ever before. As an example a survey out of the US sta ...

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