There is no doubt that the rapid growth of technology and the web has allowed for Realtors to take their business to the next level. With the new coming advances it would allow realtors to connect with clients like never before. You can now find entire listings online, email or text and get in touch with realtors easier than ever before. As an example a survey out of the US stated that (87%) of recent home buyers used the internet as an informational resource when looking for homes. But quite possibly the greatest innovation to affect real estate overall would be mobile technology, IE Smartphones and Tablets. With these rapid advancements most brokerages now have created mobile versions of their websites, and with the newest advancements many have taken to creating specific mobile apps. However though with such a rise must also herald a fall. With the advancements made by these technologies it began to reduce the need for face to face conversation and meetings with customers and clients, especially with real estate being such a people centered business. Another issue facing companies in this transitional period is cost, there are expenses when acquiring or developing these new technologies. Additionally another problem more overlooked by customers and younger colleagues alike is the difficulty that mature professionals have in  learning these newer technologies, as such it is harder for the older generation to adapt their business to how a younger generation communicates.

Branding– your personal brand as a professional real estate agent plays a vital role in your relative success. One of the highly discussed subjects of real estate, within the industry is a good memorable brand that will help retain clients and keep customer retention high. This has always been a staple within the real estate industry as a whole, starting long before internet or mobile functions joined into the game. Some great examples of personal branding are as follows.

1 – What makes you different?
2 – What’s the real power of you?
3 – What does loyalty mean to you?
4 – What is the future of you?

However with such great amounts of digital networking you find yourself exposed to a wider audience, as such the information you share is a direct reflection of you and your brand. This is both good and bad example of how modern tech influences the simplicity of your brand and how it’s viewed. As such accuracy and professionalism is paramount. You can greatly influence your brand by putting greater consideration into how you share and publish your information.  When on the road which is in common in this business, as such accessibility is very important. Hence mobile functions, these tools help keep you connected to other agents, professionals and the clients you serve, make it very vital In this fast paced moving market environment. Having mobility and instant access to information that allows you to serve your client with quick accurate information enhances not only you, but your brand as well.

Despite where the future of technology is heading it may be safe to say that no matter what. the importance of the recognizable brand will continue to be a staple within the industry for many years.

Social media – At a corporate level it can be used to promote a brand, interact with agents, help with recruiting efforts as well as market trends to online friends, family and followers. Since Social media is inherently relational agents will use it to stay connected with influence and leverage on online relationships for marketing and lead generating. Though mostly used to garner and maintain contacts and business relationships, It hasn’t really been something used for public business generation. With so many outlets in Social media IE Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Pinterest and blogs. It works best for promoting agents and posting articles. You tube could be used for advertising videos however though is not viewed as effective.  Social media as a whole represents a great opportunity to increase exposure and garner top of mind awareness for real estate agents and businessmen from a sales standpoint when used properly.